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There have been discussions on other forums suggesting that the BCA/NCC prevents you from running underground/aerial cables into or through a building due to the flammability of the cable. I have consulted with the ACMA and the ABCB and found that 1) the ABCB state that they have no authority over cabling (either electrical or Telecommunications) and as long as any penetrations are properly fire stopped, they have no other jurisdiction as they are interested in the structure and not anything that goes into it. 2) the ACMA are of the opinion that being federal, they would take precedence anyway and the wiring rules specifically allow the running of these cables with certain provisos.

As the ABCB have acknowledged that they do not regulate in this area, any ruling from a building certifier on cabling has to be called into question and can't be accepted as being valid (if the board says they have no jurisdiction, a certifier can't claim to have authority).

So basically we can continue to install these cables as we always have despite claims to the contrary.
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